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RFIE Virtual Classroom

RFIE  (Ridgefield International Education) Virtual Classroom offers live training without the hassle of travel and associated downtime. Native English speaking tutors are available to support you in reaching your goal.
If your goal is to improve your English language skills in an enjoyable and goal oriented way, RFIE Virtual Classroom is the perfect solution.

Whether your are just beginning your language studies, or you are more advanced, RFIE offers classes to suit everyone.  Classes are offered across the areas of grammar, speaking and writing with a broad range of topics  (literature, sports, politics, etc.) and all learning levels.

Classes (individual or group) are held in easy to use virtual classrooms. Teachers and students are able to interact in real time, by seeing, hearing, talking and chatting to each other.  RFIE learning materials will be shared as well. All participants will enjoy an interactive and personalized learning experience.

In the 60-minute private classes you are able to learn intensively with a private teacher.  By focusing on your individual level, goals and interests private lessons are the most effective way to achieve impressive learning results in a shorter period of time.  Classes are prepared by your teacher based on your personal needs. During the class you will receive direct feedback, explanations and correction in order to instantly improve your language skills.

The 60 minute long live classes are led by a native English teacher. They typically have 4 to 6 students and are organized according to the level and interest of the participants, in order to achieve the best possible learning result for everyone. During the class the teacher will encourage every student to participate to ensure everyone makes progress.

Private Classes

Private Class E-Learning

1:1 Classes for private tutoring

Group Classes

Group Class E-Learning

Group video classes with up to 24 students

Classroom Interaction

Classroom Chat
Virtual ticks & virtual hand raise make learning in a virtual classroom fun

Text Chat

E-Learning Chat
Real Time Chat makes tutoring (writing and spelling) exercises easy

Digital Whiteboard

E-Learning Digital Whiteboard

Highlight, type, draw & collaborate with students in real-time

File & Media Sharing

E-Learning Media Sharing
Share media and files including Videos, Images, Audio and PDF’s

What is a Virtual Classroom?

Unlike a physical classroom where the teacher and students are all in the same room, in a Virtual Classroom the teacher and the students are all sitting in front of their computers or tablets somewhere. They are able to listen and speak to each other using their computers speakers and microphones through the internet. Content like documents, videos is shared right away. This is what is called a virtual classroom.

Benefits of the RFIE Virtual Classroom:


Your teacher will have the class presentation on the interactive whiteboard so you can always follow the teacher by reading what is written on the whiteboard.

Desktop Sharing

From time to time, your teacher will even share his desktop (you see what is on his computer desktop) when he/she has something interesting to share with you. This is great for increasing your engagement in the lesson.

Web Cam

Users can share their webcam at the same time. This means that you can choose whether or not you want to share your webcam with the rest of the class, or you can just choose to use audio. The choice is all yours.


The virtual classroom is online, so you don’t need to travel great distances to get to your English class – your English class comes to you.


Videos (e.g. YouTube) can be played which allows the teacher to share additional sources to learn English

Breakout Rooms

In classrooms with multiple students the teacher can split up the group , that you can practice your English with your classmate or perform requested team tasks


No plugins or apps are required to be downloaded. Ensure you have a latest version of browser installed.
Recommend Browsers are :

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
 E-Learning Headset The usage of a headset with a built-in microphone is recommended.  PC Speaker / Microphone quality is often not very good

Technology used for RFIE Virtual Classrooms

We often get asked what benefits and advantages of using RFIE Virtual Classroom compared to Skype, Google Hangouts, WeChat or other Web Conferencing tools.
RFIE is using the latest WEBRTC Technology for hosting virtual Classrooms

Technical Advantages are:

  • html5 works on any latest modern browser that support WEBRTC (Chrome, FireFox, Opera, including mobile devices).
  • No need to download apps, plugins or flash: This reduces the technical problems and time taken to enter a class
  • WEBRTC Technology automatically adapts video quality to optimize audio on slow connections